How to create/import and manage a SSL Certificate in IIS.

Open “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager”.

Click the Server Name, in our Case SD-IT

Then select “Server Certificates”

On the far right under Actions choose Create Certificate Request…

Fill out the information based on your organization details.

I always change the Bit Length to 2048.

Specify where your CSR should be pasted, I recommend creating a new .txt document then browsing to the newly created .txt document.

Now that you have Generated your CSR it should look similar to this

These CSR’s will begin and end with “Begin” and “End”

You will then want to find a SSL provider. We recommend You will want to copy, the CSR information into SSLS, Order the Certificate then verify your Postmaster emails for your domain. Once this has been done, you will then extract the .zip file in the email received containing your certificate to the server.

Then under actions you will click Complete Certificate Request…

Browse for the *.CRT file. The friendly name could be anything to help you remember.

The Personal Certificate Store is fine

Once the certificate has been issued, you will want to Right Mouse Click your Site and select Edit Bindings.

Select the HTTPS port 443 and Edit…

Choose the drop down to find your Certificate. Then press Ok.

Your SSL website should now be online and running. Try going to

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