How to connect to Linux/Debian/CentOS using Putty

This question has been asked multiple times in my career. Sometimes, I overlook the basics but in my blog, NodeSea. We try to provide the beginners with the information necessary to succeed. NodeSea will provide both Beginner and Enterprise power users! If you have anything you’d like us to document upon, please contact us!

Let’s get started. To connect to a Linux server you will want to download a free program called Putty.

Windows 64-Bit (*.exe):

All other versions:

Once you have downloaded Putty, open it. It should only take 30-60 seconds to download, dependent on Internet Speed of course.

Once you open Putty , it will look like this

All Linux OS will communicate on Port 22 , Although your Systems Administrator or hosting company may change this. You will need to find the Port if you cannot connect to SSH using port 22.

Next you will want to Type in the IP address then select Open

You will then receive a security prompt, select Yes.

Putty will then ask you for your Login As: (Username) and password. Once you type your username and press Enter the password field will popup. Normally this username is root

Type in your password then press enter.

You will now be connected to your Linux Server! Once the # appears your ready to type commands. Type df -h for disk information to make sure you are connected properly.

Stay tuned for more articles on how to manage your Linux Server!

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