Create a Certificate on your Root CA for Cisco VCS and VCSE

You will need to generate a CSR before running the commands below. Once you recieve your CSR.txt file, you will want to change the extension from .txt to .csr.

Then copy the *.csr file to your Root Certificate Authority Server in our case we are using Windows Active Directory Certificate Services.

Now let’s generate the X.509 Certificate for Cisco

Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) into your Root CA

Copy the CSR File to your desktop

Run Command Prompt as Admin

Then run the following command,

certreq -attrib “CertificateTemplate:TEMPLATENAME” -submit CSRFILENAME.csr

The bold will need to be changed on how your organization is setup. To find your Template name.

Open Certification Authority in Windows

Once opened you will find, Certificate Templates in your hierarchy.

This is where you want to choose and change the TEMPLATENAME

Once you run the CMD command, you will then choose your Root CA Computer and choose a Save Location for your *.cer. You will then copy the file over to your computer or server where the certificate is needed.

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