Powershell script to add computers to a Direct Access Computer group from an OU

Below you will find a powershell script that will add devices/users to a specific Group if they are in an OU. get-adcomputer -SearchBase “OU=Windows 10,OU=Workstations,DC=boxne,DC=com” -Filter * | ForEach-Object {Add-ADGroupMember -Identity “Your Group Name” -Members $_.DistinguishedName} If it’s BOLDED This is where your organization information will go!

Tired of Logging into a Website or Boxne.com? Powershell script to automatically log you into a website.

This powershell script will automatically log you into any website. You will just need to change a few values. This works great with Boxne.com and all you will need to do is update the $username=”Your Email” and $password=”Your Password” Then save this as a *.ps1 script and put it in your Startup/Taskscheduler or where ever […]

Microsoft Edge Beta Downloads Leaked

Right after the download links for Microsoft Edge for Mac were leaked, we now have the download links for the Microsoft Edge Beta leaked as well. Just like the Microsoft Edge Canary and Developer builds, when launched the Beta build will display a “Welcome to Microsoft Edge Beta” as well as a New Tab Page (NTP) […]

Microsoft Azure Service outages

Microsoft and AWS are becoming increasingly common with service outages. This is frustrating especially when you are spending millions with them as a premier customer. Their service outages not only create panic for an organization but can leave you with major profit loss, updates not provided into the issues, etc. Why pay thousands? Hundreds of […]