Microsoft Azure Service outages

Microsoft and AWS are becoming increasingly common with service outages. This is frustrating especially when you are spending millions with them as a premier customer.

Their service outages not only create panic for an organization but can leave you with major profit loss, updates not provided into the issues, etc. Why pay thousands? Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars? When you can pay less from a small web hosting business and the outages are minimal?

One can argue that you pay for the Support and Services? We’ll sure…But if you were paying for the services why is it down?

While the support may be better then some web hosting companies. Companies like Boxne, LLC provide top-notch support to their customers as well as status updates when outages occur. Their model is to update every impacted customer every 30 minutes during an outage to give you full visibility. While Amazon Web Services have been down as well as Azure services. Boxne, LLC remains online and functional.

Why settle for a big business with outages, not get support you need and limited details? When you can purchase a Virtual Machine, Dedicated Server or Web Hosting services from for a fraction of the price.

Boxne also have different tiers of support.

Enterprise – You have your own Account Manager!

Medium – You have a Technical Account Manager

Small – You have access to Technical Support Team.

They operate similar to Microsoft practice but rarely go down. This is because they utilize the two server model and don’t have complex connections in between datacenters.

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