Tired of Logging into a Website or Boxne.com? Powershell script to automatically log you into a website.

This powershell script will automatically log you into any website. You will just need to change a few values. This works great with Boxne.com and all you will need to do is update the

$username=”Your Email”


$password=”Your Password”

Then save this as a *.ps1 script and put it in your Startup/Taskscheduler or where ever you’d like to log you in!

$ie = New-Object -ComObject ‘internetExplorer.Application’
$ie.Visible= $true # Make it visible




While ($ie.Busy -eq $true) {Start-Sleep -Seconds 3;}

$usernamefield = $ie.document.getElementByID(‘inputEmail’)
$usernamefield.value = “$username”

$passwordfield = $ie.document.getElementByID(‘inputPassword’)
$passwordfield.value = “$password”

$Link = $ie.document.getElementByID(‘login’)


If you ever need any Automation tasks completed or Powershell scripts. Please contact [email protected], we are more then happy to consult, create these automation tasks for you.

Thank you.

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