Microsoft Edge Beta Downloads Leaked

Right after the download links for Microsoft Edge for Mac were leaked, we now have the download links for the Microsoft Edge Beta leaked as well. Just like the Microsoft Edge Canary and Developer builds, when launched the Beta build will display a “Welcome to Microsoft Edge Beta” as well as a New Tab Page (NTP) […]

How To Earn $100 A Day With Google AdSense

Earning $100, $200 or even $300 per day with Google AdSense can be done from a home office. Many website owners are doing it. The only thing you need is planning, work, determination, and passion about your topic or niche. Term Definitions Before diving into the exact process, here’s some terminology for better understanding of […]

How to find the which users have not logged in AD for 90 days?

You can do this through Powershell. import-module activedirectory$90Days = (get-date).adddays(-90)Get-ADUser -properties * -filter {(lastlogondate -notlike “*” -OR lastlogondate -le $90days) -AND (passwordlastset -le $90days) -AND (enabled -eq $True) -and (PasswordNeverExpires -eq $false) -and (whencreated -le $90days)} | select-object name, SAMaccountname, passwordExpired, PasswordNeverExpires, logoncount, whenCreated, lastlogondate, PasswordLastSet, lastlogontimestamp | export-csv c:\Scirpts\90days.txt

How To Fix TF30063 Error – You Are Not Authorized To Access Team Foundation Service Error

Recently I was working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and got the following error with TFS, which says, “You are not authorized to access Team Foundation Service”. The error code was TF30063. This was a surprise for me because it was working earlier. I do not have any clue about this. This error was occurring […]

How to install Adobe Creative Cloud – Adobe Acrobat DC

You can download the Creative Cloud by going to then clicking “Your Creative Cloud” and signing in Drag and Drop the Creative Cloud Setup to your computer. This can be in Documents, Downloads, Desktop, etc. Double Click and Run the Installer User Access Control (UAC) will prompt you, select Yes. Once the installer opens […]

Does blogging help SEO?

For just about any question or need you have, you know Google is there. For many people, the wildly popular search engine is their first stop when trying to look for just about anything. That means that no matter what type of website you have, if you want people to find it, you need it […]